Audience: Health professionals

Deep Listening: Levels of listening framework

A guide to deep listening. The ‘levels of listening’ can be a useful framework to hold in your mind as you listen to someone, whether in a conversation with someone you are supporting or caring for, with a colleague or even with loved ones at home. The levels of listening are aimed at supporting us to think more deeply about how well we listen to one another, and then to listen in new and creative ways that foster meaningful, purposeful […]

Using Controlled Breathing during Covid-19

Practical guidance for healthcare staff in using controlled breathing to help manage stress during Covid-19 from the Traumatic Stress Clinic, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic #FeelingHopeless #RelivingTrauma

Organisational Wellbeing During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Guidance Document

Guidance about how to support organisational wellbeing during the pandemic from the Royal College of Psychiatry. The document outlines what can help the organisation to maintain healthy functioning during the crisis, how to optimise organisational wellbeing, and expands on the guidelines that relate to the individual, team and organisational levels in more depth. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic

Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have developed a range of considerations for use in communications to support mental and psychosocial wellbeing in different target groups during the outbreak, including; the general population, healthcare workers, team leaders/managers in healthcare settings, carers of children, older adults and those in isolation. It includes the importance of connecting with family and friends during this time.

Connecting students and NHS staff

National Health Supporters is a directory for known networks of students across the country assisting NHS staff so they can continue to go to work and save lives. The aim is for students to help alleviate pressures on staff including, but not exclusive to: babysitting; grocery shopping; and pet sitting.

Intensive Care Society: Wellbeing Resource Library

The Intensive Care Society wellbeing resource pack includes tips for dealing with extraordinary situations such as COVID-19 and everyday working in critical care. The poster series aims to improve our understanding of psychological wellbeing at work, the impact reduced wellbeing can have and what we can do in response.