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Darren Ware – On Side As One

Darren Ware is the Community Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment Lead for the London Borough of Enfield. Darren speaks about the importance of a happy and confident workforce, team building and morale boosting in an ongoing crisis and saying thank you to the people who are not always seen but continue to work in the background making things happen.

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Hi and welcome. My name is Darren Ware, and I am currently the Community Equipment and PPE Lead for the London Borough of Enfield. I have decided to share some of my thoughts on a podcast with you all whilst we are going through this traumatic time with COVID-19. The title of my podcast is ‘On side, as one’. Well, what do I mean? With new times for us all and all our normal lives effected in ways that many have not been seen since the Second World War, much focus has been on the problem and not the solutions.

Physical issues caused by COVID-19 and mental health issues have been the biggest single worry for all of us and the health of our loved ones. Knowing we have and continue to prepare to guard against COVID-19 with the use of PPE, good house work, infection control is always, and always will be, in the forefront of everything that we do in ICES.

We have as a team incorporate laughter, thus creating a relaxed atmosphere, a fun environment ensuring all are working for the same goal, working as a family, and working as a unit, as ONE. It’s important we start each and every day the same, on a good foot. A collective chat, a drink in a relaxed environment, share a laugh a joke and discussion about anything from sport to politics, and of course the dreaded COVID-19 and how it has affected us all. Though we always reassure each other we are here to support, being prepared to be flexible, taking time to listen and not judge straight off the bat as we are all different.

We all have different worries in our lives, we spend though most of our lives at work and as such this needs to be a place that you feel happy and confident, and one where you can be relaxed and be yourself.

If one of us is down we rally around, some of us like space, some like an arm round us so to speak to help build us our happiness back up and our confidence. One of us may be tired, one of us may need a change in routine, they always say a change is as good as a rest so we like to mix the work up and ensure everyone is fresh and is encouraged to enjoy their work.

We have an open door policy, as in the sense that I’m here to listen, to help, to do what I can. I like to lead by example not afraid to go on to the van to deliver, to clean, and to collect items. There’s always a clear line that we do not cross and this results in respect and willingness to work by all us and more importantly, to work as a team.

A happy smile for our clients can make a massive difference, its important in social services that we radiate happiness to our clients, we are now more so then ever maybe the first face they have seen in a while, so we ensure we go the extra mile, we have that little chat, and if need be collect some milk or bread just to make sure that we are there to check on them and help them as best we can.

Each and every one of the Team in ICES is proud to make a difference in people’s lives and that is why we all enjoy working here.

We introduce fun and support for our network, always checking collectively and initially, for no one person can achieve all, there is no I in team. Positive mental attitude leads to dedication and in turn great results, we currently boast 100% KPI across the board on our on time deliveries. Why? Simply because we are a team and we work as one, pull as one and ensure we are both physically and as importantly our mentally health and have a framework within the team that can support each other whenever it is needed.

I’m proud to be part of the team and I am certainly proud to be its leader. It is important to thank the people who are not always seen here and that are in the background making things work and happen. We now find ourselves delivering in the region of 28,000 items of PPE daily and again it’s a challenge but one I am proud to say again that we have raised to and completed to high standard as we are on side and as one.

Thank you for listening to this podcast, I hope you have found this of interest, and do please leave any comments, thank you.

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