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COVID-19: Why We’re All Grieving

This long read is by Dr Sarah Appleton, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. In a time of huge loss and uncertainty this blog provides clinical insights into the pandemic grief process; helping to normalise what we may view as “abnormal” and promoting a compassionate voice with which we can seek to understand and effectively navigate grief. As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we find ourselves stranded further from our idea of normality, with change and uncertainty looming large for […]

Organisational wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a guidance document

This long read from Royal College of Psychiatrists includes guidance about how to support organisational wellbeing during the pandemic. It outlines what can help the organisation to maintain healthy functioning during the crisis, how to optimise organisational wellbeing, and expands on the guidelines that relate to the individual, team and organisational levels in more depth. The wellbeing of an organisation is a prerequisite for the wellbeing of staff. Mental Health Trusts are currently working under extraordinary conditions and under great […]

Suffering During A Time Of Crisis

A blog by Neal Gething, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, about Viktor Frankl’s, a Jewish psychiatrist who survived the concentration camps during World War, experience of suffering which led him to have the strong conviction that people can survive intense suffering with meaning and hope. When we examine the origins of the word ‘suffer’ we learn that it is Latin in origin. Closer examination of the word shows us that it means to bear or carry from below: […]