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COVID-19: Why We’re All Grieving

This long read is by Dr Sarah Appleton, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. In a time of huge loss and uncertainty this blog provides clinical insights into the pandemic grief process; helping to normalise what we may view as “abnormal” and promoting a compassionate voice with which we can seek to understand and effectively navigate grief. As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we find ourselves stranded further from our idea of normality, with change and uncertainty looming large for […]

Organisational wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a guidance document

This long read from Royal College of Psychiatrists includes guidance about how to support organisational wellbeing during the pandemic. It outlines what can help the organisation to maintain healthy functioning during the crisis, how to optimise organisational wellbeing, and expands on the guidelines that relate to the individual, team and organisational levels in more depth. The wellbeing of an organisation is a prerequisite for the wellbeing of staff. Mental Health Trusts are currently working under extraordinary conditions and under great […]

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Jane O’Rourke – Breathing Exercise for Calming Mind and Body

Jane O’Rourke is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with Children, Young People and Families. She teaches Yoga4Trauma within the Trauma Service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. How we breathe has a big impact on our mental and physical health. Jane guides us through a breathing exercise called the ‘box technique’ to calm the body and mind. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic #FeelingHopeless

Emergency Responders: Tips for taking care of yourself

Resource description: Stress prevention and management tips for emergency responders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [Please note the telephone numbers on the webpage are American.] Link to resource: Visit the webpage Topic: Staff wellbeing Audience: Health professionals Resource format: Webpage

Self Care Tree For Healthcare Staff

Resource description: An info graphic of a self care tree for healthcare staff setting out different ways to manage prolonged stress at work and at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, created by Dr Jurga Paserpskyte a Senior Clinical Psychologist. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic #FeelingHopeless Link to resource: Read or download the JPG Topic: Staff wellbeing Audience: Health professionals Resource format: JPG

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Sarah Helps – Family communication during the COVID-19 outbreak: A guide for keyworker parents and carers to talk to children

Sarah Helps is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Family Therapist at the Tavistock Clinic. This podcast accompanies a help sheet regarding family communication during COVID-19. Sarah speaks about the guide designed for keyworker parents and carers to support them in talking to children about being a keyworker over this time.

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Paul Jenkins – Switching Off

Paul Jenkins is the Chief Executive of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Paul talks about the importance of switching off during this difficult time, and talks through some of his personal coping strategies during periods of stress and pressure. He offers some helpful, practical tips for everyone to consider. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic

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Emma Kennedy – Being ‘Good Enough’: Supporting Children’s Education at Home

Emma Kennedy is Deputy Director, Educational Psychology Training and CAMHS ASC & LD Team Manager at the Tavistock Clinic. Emma talks about some of the challenges parents who are working remotely or outside the home may have when supporting their child with schoolwork. She highlights the benefits of prioritising contact with friends, and not feeling like you now have to be ‘teacher’ too.  She talks about balancing up routine and predictability with being responsive to the moment; and most of all, […]

The Trauma Group: Resources for staff and services

Resource description: The Trauma Group website has a number of trauma-informed and evidence-based resources for staff and services. The COVID Trauma Response Working Group has been formed to help coordinate trauma-informed responses to the COVID outbreak. The working group is being coordinated by staff at University College London and the Traumatic Stress Clinic at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #RelivingTrauma Link to resource: Visit the website Topic: Trauma Audience: Health and social care leaders and Health […]

Social Care in Mind

We’ve created this page to give both and adult and care social care staff working across North Central and North East London a social care specific view of the resources, podcasts and long-reads available through the Together in Mind site. This is in response to what we are hearing from the workforce, and we will continue to add more as the situation and your needs change over time. Want to get involved? Get in touch via to submit resources, podcasts or […]